Another 1993 Sports Edition

This car has been sitting in the same patch of grass since I first spotted it in 2012, who knows how long before then. The owner wanted a little too much for it so I walked away.  This past year I stopped by again and we got to talking about our time in the military, and what I was doing with my current 240SX. From there, he gave me a price and I accepted.

The Plan

In 2012 I wanted to restore this car, but since getting the white S13, I only need it for parts. I’m slowly starting to think it may be better to get it on the road and then flip it, and not for some big payday, just for the satisfaction of passing it on to someone that will take care of it.

I plan to inspect the car completely from top to bottom for rust, frame damage and to replace anything that compromises the safety of the car. The interior will be completely stripped, clean and reinstalled. The engine will get a tune-up and a detail. A video of me taking delivery and inspecting the car will be posted in the future, till then, here are a few images.

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