Carpet FAQ

How are these carpet orders processed?

All orders are processed by the manufacture. They will mold your carpet and ship it out to you. Each carpet is brand new and custom to your order details.

What colors are available?

You can find loop carpet colors here

Why are carpets non returnable?

Only the loop carpets are non returnable. These carpets are not regularly available to purchase and have to be custom made. Custom carpets are specific to the buyers’ details and have no resell value.

Are the Carpets Pre-cut with seat belts holes?

No. 99% of aftermarket carpets are not pre-cut.

Are the Carpets Molded?


Are RHD Carpets available?

No. These are produced in the United states and currently there is no demand for RHD vehicle carpet.

Are you custom reproducing these carpets?

No. These are produced by Auto Custom Carpets. A leading manufacture of automotive molded carpets.

Are these carpets only for Nissan vehicles

No they are not. If your vehicle is not listed please drop a DM and I will get your vehicle listed if you are interested in getting a custom loop carpet for your vehicle.

Do you have carpet for the S13 convertible?

Yes the passenger S13 carpet will fit.

Do you offer matching floor mats?

Yes, if you do not see them posted please send a request.