S13 Weatherstrip What & Where

For anyone struggling to locate seals/weather strip for S13 bookmark this post and check back for updates.

Be sure to shop around a lot of part suppliers are selling the same parts for less than others, the also have eBay stores with free shipping.

#6 Hatch Weatherstrip – 90830-40F00


Reveal Molding – 90350-52F20

Glass Spacer – 90356-40F00

Belt Weather-Strip RH 80820-35F20

Belt Weather-Strip LH 80821-35F20

#3 Weatherstrip RH 80830-35F01

#3 Weatherstrip LH 80831-35F01

A-Pillar RH – 76860-35F02

A-Pillar LH 76861-35F02

#5 Glass Panel Spacer – Nissan (73872-01M05)

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