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Since May, store traffic has been heavy and orders have been going out slowly this month especially with all the new items being added. Hopefully, after reading this you’ll understand why.

The Resin Side Molding Kits

Where are they and what’s the hold-up? Production of the resin kits is happening in Salt Lake City Utah and was delayed due to the manufacturing workload and the order size being double of what it was intended to be. Twenty kits are being created for 19 Silvias and 1 Fastback. Half of the kits are shipping internationally and although I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to deliver them as soon as I expected, I’m glad that the manufacturer is ensuring that the measurements are precise to the body panels provided since I couldn’t secure a local car to test fit them. The last body panel requested arrived today. I was told that production will take 7 business days, I will follow up on Monday and notify everyone that placed an order when they will ship. My apologies to everyone for not getting these out to you sooner.

Standard Order Processing & Stocking

Typically when I buy anything online, my item ships within a day, two at most and I’m provided with a tracking number and my items arrive within a few days. That has not been the case with a lot of orders this month originating from the Restomod store and the reason behind it is simple, new items are not stocked prior to being posted online and I was not ready for the traffic influx.  Most items on the store have been made to order and are printed by a third party with the exception of the water slide decals. That’s right, I don’t operate a print shop, I use a company capable of printing in small units, even a single orders making it possible to offer some items in multiple colors, reflective vinyl and other custom options instead of just a single design in black and white. Another benefit is being able to order a single custom item if someone makes a request. The other factor is being able to design items faster than the final product is made which is why most of the custom and new items have a backorder status.  Backorder items are important to take notice when ordering with other items that are in stock because they determine when your order will ship. Also, items with multiple options, are less likely to be ready to ship.  Because of this, simple items will no longer be made available until the product is in hand and custom items will be made to order with the production time stated in the listing.

Current Status of Your Order

All orders outside of the Resin Pre-orders will be ship next week immediately after arriving from the print shop.

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