Some Transparency

October 9, 2020

What happened after America’s lockdown and throughout the summer was unfortunate and I hope that some of  the following details can clearly explain why some orders were processed in a timely manner and others weren’t.

The Short Version

  • America was in lockdown
  • Online sales doubled and depleted inventory quickly
  • Some supplies were delayed due to being “non essential”
  • Production times were extended and took longer than normal to restock inventory
  • I fell behind on processing orders due to extended production times
  • I failed to communicate service issues as soon as they happened
  • I am currently closing the gap between new and delayed orders

The Long Version

What Isn’t is not a corporation, print company, print warehouse, or printing business. Please take that into account so everything that follows makes sense. 

Supply Chain Explained: How Are The Products Created

A supply chain represents the steps it takes to get a product or service from its original state to the customer.  In this case, a digital art file transitioning to a product you apply to your car. Most products that are sold on this website are printed by established third-party businesses equipped to print at a higher quality and capacity. The production process is pretty basic, the art files are sent to specific print shops and the end products are returned to fulfill orders.

Lockdown Effects

Like most people, I was not prepared for the lock-down or the effect it would have on businesses and shopping habits. Website sales doubled overnight and held consistently throughout the summer months. The down side was that some businesses were operating at a lower capacity, while others closed their doors forever.  With “non essential” products not being a priority, keeping inventory up became a challenge. The increase in sales depleted inventory faster than it could be restocked and even though measures were taken to move some of the production in-house, getting equipment also came with delays. Products from abroad were available with a 30 day delivery date, and print shop production times were extended because priority was placed on orders from first responders and hospitals as it should have been. This also aided in orders being delayed.


I’m steady closing the gap on delayed orders to where processing will be on track as posted in the shipping section by this month’s end. Til then, you can consider this time as busy.

Where I failed

I have a responsibility to notify customers of any service issues that may result in an order being delayed or put on hold for any reason and I failed to do that in a timely manner. To those that have experienced poor service due to my mistakes, I am truly sorry for not communicating with you sooner and for making you feel as though you were not made a priority. I appreciate your patience and your honesty. I hope that I will be able to regain your trust and provide you with a better experience in the near future.

Thank You

Many thanks to everyone that have been following since day one. Thank you to those that take time out of your day to visit this this website, to place an order, to send a DM, to say thank you, or to just share your car projects. Your patience, your time, and your understanding is appreciated. 🙏