USDM / Canadian VIN Label Information

The following information is directed towards owners of imported, non Canadian/USDM Nissan vehicles that are purchasing these labels and are unable to supply the required 17 digit VIN number. The VIN labels sold are created specifically for the Canadian & USDM vehicles titled in the listing. These specific vehicles have a 17 digit VIN number assigned to them. This number is required to generate the bar code.  Imported Skylines and other JDM vehicles do not have assigned VIN numbers, they have chassis numbers ex: BNR32-100000.  This chassis number will not generate a bar code for a VIN label because the vehicle was not manufactured to be sold in the United States or Canada and therefore was not assigned a 17 digit VIN. Unless your vehicle meets the following requirements, the VIN label will be non-functional and left as a novelty item.

  • Your vehicle was manufactured to be driven and sold in the United States or Canada
  • Your vehicle is a USDM/Canadian 240SX/300ZX
  • Your vehicle was assigned a 17 digit VIN number 

I would not recommend purchasing these labels for an imported vehicle due to the fact that, the barcode will not work and the “vehicle specific” information on the label will only match specific Canadian & USDM vehicles.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


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