Why Am I Restoring This Car?

When I was a kid my dad introduced me to monster truck shows and drag races. At home, I built legos, model cars, and planes while he restored old Chevys.
By the time I was a teenager, dad slowed down a bit with the car projects, but sitting in the garage collecting dust was his mint 1972 RS SS Camaro. When I could, I would sit in it pretending to drive, so when the topic of getting my first car came up I said I wanted a Camaro like his and he pieced together a 1973 Camaro with a rebuilt 307 small block.

The front end of this car was hideous, the fenders and hood were all different colors and the 73 front bumper has those ugly bumper guards. The car had no air conditioning so during the summer months I wore tank tops with my shirt on a hanger in the back seat and during the winter, the only heat source was from the engine, but at the time, it was everything.

I later damaged the engine, street racing so repairing the car turned into my high school senior project. Had it not been for that experience, I might not have discovered how exhilarating it is to get car parts in the mail. I grew up with a love for old muscle cars, so why a 240SX? I honestly never cared much for any modern cars until around 2003 when I helped a classmate locate an SR engine for their 1996 240SX. With all the time spent assisting with that car, I was partial to the early model hatchbacks. Soon after, I had a HICAS hatchback that was later stolen. It wasn’t til 2012 when I saw a guy working on a hatchback in his yard, did I decide to find myself another 240SX and the rest is yet to come.

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