How to (whitelist) setup your inbox to receive emails from a .ninja URL

Is this necessary? No it isn’t, but at this point, I feel the need to publish this information for those that claim they get nothing, not even PayPal email notifications.

This past month, I had a customer get upset to the point that they made a rant on social media stating that they were getting ignored and none of their emails were getting replies. I proceeded to reply via direct message to get more details. After confirming their email address, I sent them screenshots of each email reply that included the date and time stamp. I then forwarded each email as well as the PayPal shipping notification that included the tracking number showing that the order in question was currently in route.  The customer insisted that none of the emails were received, not even the email sent from PayPal.

At this point, there’s nothing to say because the only thing I can confirm is that the order was in route, the notifications were sent and the customer’s email was replied to. I have also made it possible for all customers to create accounts, log in to their accounts and see the status and tracking details of their orders. There is no way for me to know what is or isn’t in a customer’s inbox or how their email service provider handles incoming emails from a .ninja URL.

As with any email account, the junk mail folder gets all emails that the mail server suspects are junk or spam. Most of the time, it’s correct, but sometimes it can flag the wrong emails. In this case, I will advise those who do not get any emails or notifications to whitelist “” in order to receive emails in your inbox.

If you have an email account, log into your account and click the following link:

Under the Safe senders and domains section add the following:

Click Save and you’re done.

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