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I decided to restore the exterior trim instead of replacing it because it was faded, but not damaged beyond repair. I also wanted to get my hands on a few of SEM’s products and this would be the perfect opportunity to see how well SEM’s Trim Black performs. The finish I wanted was the Euro Jet Satin, no local stores had it in stock. Unlike a lot of other products that you can easily order from the manufacturer’s website or pick up at your local automotive store, SEM products are only available through an authorized distributorI was reluctant to order it from online resellers due to the outdated product images I kept seeing, the last thing I wanted was some old stock.  After a bit of searching, I found an out of state distributor on Amazon and decided to give him a call to ensure he had exactly what I wanted. He did, so I ordered two cans. Below is a video demonstrating how easily the paint goes on and the amount of overspray you can expect.

Applying the paint was just as easy as the video demonstration. The only issue I had was minor, one of the nozzles clogged immediately and after clearing and rinsing, it still failed, so I tossed it out and used the working nozzle with both cans. Coverage was great, drying time was fast and the finish was exactly what I was hoping for. I would definitely recommend it, for best results follow the prep instructions. I will post a follow up in a few months.

What Was Painted

  • Quarter window trim
  • Hatch window trim
  • Rear wiper arm
  • Front wiper arms
  • Cowl vent panels

What Was Used

  • SEM Trim Black Euro Jet Satin (12oz Aerosol)


  • All part surfaces were cleaned with a degreaser
  • Wipers were also prepared with a paint stripper disc to remove any loose oem paint, but were not completely stripped down to the bare metal.


  • Restores OEM finish
  • Excellent adhesion
  • No primer needed
  • Flexible
  • Can be applied to plastic, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and chrome


  • Local availability (in my area)
  • There’s no SEM store in existence that I know of.

** UPDATE 01/30/2019 **

I have created a kit/list of the products that I have purchased and will be using in upcoming video tutorials for the youtube channel. You can find everything you need to restore the exterior trim at the following link: and the interior trim products here:

After leaving a review, SEM asked about the nozzle issue and sent out some freebies. Now I can restore the faded trim on the SUV and the Firebird!

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