Touch Screen & Apple CarPlay in the 240SX?

Autodroid is outdated. Car launchers are in the Android app store now:

I am in no way against putting the latest and greatest of accessories in a car, I’ve just had to pull myself back from going overboard to sticking with the bare necessities. Initially, I was putting together an Autodroid setup using a 2012 Nexus 7 that would allow a custom and personal touch-screen experience at a fraction of the cost of an aftermarket head unit. The setup is dated, but I was looking forward to it because I haven’t dug into an android device since the HTC HD2. Below is a pic of the completed tablet being test fitted as well as a video demonstrating the autodroid rom.

If anyone is interested in the modified PSD file used for this home screen, leave a comment below.

Why a stock radio?

I daily drive an SUV loaded with features I never use. The two that I do use are the sunroof for fresh air and bluetooth to stream music from my phone. Because of this, I opted for an original stock radio. It’s period correct for a 90’s car and the cd and cassette player gives me an excuse to pull out old mix CDs and cassettes. In my opinion, it visually flows better with my “sorta-stock” interior theme.

What head unit did I choose and why?

Since the stock radio was already discarded when I bought the car, I referenced the sales brochure for a visual and realized that the likelihood of finding a stock working radio from a 1993 240SX was slim, so I took a look at the 1995 180SX brochure.  I was curious to what options Nissan used in other variations of the S13 and came across the following double din unit.

This particular head unit was made by Clarion and came in a few variations that depended on whether or not the car was equipped with a cd changer. It can be found on the following 1997-1999 Nissan and Infiniti models: Maxima, Altima, Pathfinder, I30, QX4, and G20. The visual differences are the buttons above the power button and bass/treble buttons.

JDM PN-2138E

JDM Variation PN-2098L

USDM Unit PN-2213da, ha, ia, ma, na

USDM Variation PN-2121K

You can easily find the USDM units on ebay however, you can save yourself some dollars by checking your local salvage yards.

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      cplhardy says:

      Din size is usually measured by the radio face. Older single din radios are usually 7×2 inches. Double Din would be twice the size in height at 7×4 inches.


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