I’m living proof that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.  I had no idea what I was getting into when I started disassembling this car and once I did, I wanted to travel back in time and start over.

Since traveling back in time isn’t an option, the only thing to do is to continue to move forward and in doing so, the first thing I will be repairing is the rust damage in the engine bay. The rust has eaten through the battery tray area and I think the best solution is to just cut and weld a new panel that will have to be ordered from abroad since part cars are pretty scarce now.

The only other concern is perfecting the rear quarter panels followed by final prep work and she will be ready for primer and paint. See ya next update.

  • Quarter Panels (fill & sand)
  • Roof (fill & sand)
  • Front Fenders (fill & sand)
  • Hood (fill & sand)
  • Bumpers ((fill & sand)
  • Test fit body kit (fill & sand)
  • Remove Doors, hood, hatch, glass & hatch trim
  • Prep door jams (red scratchpad)
  • Spray entire car with polyester primer
  • Block sand entire car (fill & sand)
  • Spray with 2k Primer
  • Final block sand entire car
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