I’ve been looking at the 180SX brochures for a while now trying to find certain parts and accessories that I deemed a must-have simply because I find it challenging and it takes me out of my comfort zone into some unfamiliar territory with this restoration. The other payoff is the history lesson of learning that options like power folding mirrors, heated mirrors, navigation, digital climate controls, and even integrated phones aren’t modern options and were never just for luxury vehicles.

Here is the list of parts I’ve gathered.

Acquired Parts:

  • Type-X Power Window Buttons
  • Ichikoh Fog Lights (w/Silvia brackets)
  • 50/50 Marker Lights
  • Canadian DTLs
  • S13 Power Folding Mirrors
  • JDM & USDM double DIN head unit
  • Fob Key
  • Type-X Steering wheel

Still Hunting:

  • Manual Seatbelt Plastic Trim
  • OEM Nissan S13 keyless entry system
  • DCC Various Parts
  • S13 Fog Light Harness

The Treasure Map

So yes, I am transplanting a lot of options that were not available on the 240SX, so why not just import a 180SX? Because this is more fun.

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