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The first thing I did after getting the hatchback home was a walk-around. I pretty much had an idea of what I was going to modify, but I had no clue what I was going to find once I started disassembling it. This is where I learned the difference between the “want list” and the “reality list”.

The reality of this project is that I started it later than I wanted to. There are a lot of parts that I can no longer purchase from Nissan leaving me to deal with sellers that change their minds last minute and think that everything out of Japan is worth more than the price of my car. Some 240SX owners are just strange to me, never have I ever had to convince someone to sell me something that was for sale…you read it right, some of you know exactly what I’m talking about, but that’s an entire story of it’s own. The deeper I go with this restoration, the longer the parts list will grow, below are the imperfections I found and the parts that need repair or replacing.


  • Complete car


  • Chipped LH door handle
  • Chipped LH front bumper extension
  • Cracked windshield
  • Cracked front bumper lip
  • Dented LH front fender
  • Dented LH hood
  • Faded window trim
  • Front license plate bracket
  • Front windshield trim


  • Front seats
  • Carpet
  • Floor mats
  • Radio harness
  • Washer/wiper button
  • Manual seatbelts
  • LH door panel
  • Door panel fabric
  • Dome light lens cover


  • Battery tray rusted out completely
  • Cracked overflow bottle

Once I had the initial list together I started comparing prices from dealers and resellers. Below are the websites and groups I used to source my parts.

Websites I Use

New Nissan Parts

Used Parts

Ebay Stores 

Facebook Part Groups

How To Setup Alerts

Locating new parts is as easy as visiting a reseller or manufacturer and ordering them, but what about those used parts or new parts you want to get a better deal on? When it comes to online auctions and local classifieds it’s first-come, first-served. I learned that setting up notifications helped me stay on top of new listings so I would have the opportunity to be one of the first to know.

Facebook Groups

To setup notifications in facebook groups, go to the parts page and type in the search box for the part you are looking for. Directly above the results column there’s a message that says “Get Notifications” if you click it you will be notified when someone in the group makes a post with your search keywords in it.


LKQ Pick Your Part

Visit and create an account. Once your account is setup you’ll be directed to the garage area where you can add cars. Add the cars that you want parts for and check the box to send mobile alerts.  You should also type in your zip code to locate the pick-your-part yards in your area and save them. Now you will get a text message when one of the cars you added comes into the any of the locations you saved. LKQ is perfect for locating interchangeable parts.


ebay Mobile Alerts

The following are instructions for setting up text/mobile alerts for items that have yet to be listed on ebay. As far as I know this can only be done in the app. This is NOT for bidding and watched items.

  1. Login into your ebay account and do a search for your item
  2. Click the “follow” link (refer to the images)
  3. Select “Alerts on phone” and you’re done.


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That“.  This app allows you to connect to other apps through automated actions called recipes. Below is a screenshot of a few popular recipes that I’ve used to track pretty much anything I search for through ebay or craigslist. Previously mentioned methods can be done through this app alone. Once you create a profile you can sign into the app and search recipes to suit your needs or create your own with a few clicks.

This IF recipe doesn’t require you to have an ebay account, but of course you must have an account to purchase the item/items you find. End result is a push notification, no email, no text.


Apps Mentioned In This Post


Having multiple sources increased my chances of finding the parts I wanted and saved me hundreds of dollars. I also learned that some aftermarket businesses not only have ebay stores, but are selling the same parts with free shipping and some at a lower price, so I would suggest taking the time to compare pricing. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment.

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