Truth About The 180SX Type X

The Type X option was available in 1994, through 1998 with the facelift, new side skirts, taillights, and rear wing added in 1996. Since the Type X trim option was available before the facelift in 1996, referring to the “Kouki/later term” options of the 180SX as “Type X” will always be incorrect unless the car is a true Type-X trim because all versions of the 180SX from 1996-1998 had the same front bumper and tail lights. By looking at the Type X model below, clearly saying Type X bumper and tail lights, make little distinction among early Type X  models that looked the same as every other 180SX before 1996. The rear valance was also available before the 1996 facelift. 

180SX Type X (RPS13)

Feel free to flip through comparing the brochures below, you can see differences in options such as the airbag becoming standard in 1995 and the Type G being added in 1996. Thanks for stopping by, til next time.


1994 180SX Brochure

1995 180SX Brochure

1996 180SX Brochure

1997 180SX Brochure

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