The First Mod

Overthinking is something I often do and I found myself staring at the car trying to figure out what to do first, then I realized there’s no blueprint to this. Part of me wanted to store the car and spend time collecting parts until I had everything on my parts list, but that wasn’t realistic thinking. I had to remind myself why I was doing it in the first place. This was a hobby that I let atrophy to near extinction and I wasn’t going to come up with another excuse to not move forward on it. So I started at the bottom by getting the car sitting pretty on the ground.

I wanted an 18 inch wheel setup with decent lip and the 18 inch 4 lug wheel selection is pretty limited off the shelf and my budget for this build is pretty balanced, so purchasing wheels that cost more than the entire car was a no go at the time. I decided to purchase Kalvin’s (thatburgundy240.) old wheels for visual purposes while deciding on the final setup.

Because I honestly have no immediate intentions to swap the engine or do any significant power mods, there was no need to upgrade to a bigger brake system. I went with Stance USA Sport Tuned Suspension coilovers to replace the stock springs/struts and Tomegun hubs for the 5 lug swap.

As you can see, the undercarriage is pretty decent for a 23 year old car. No undercoating has been applied, I’ve only had to do some detail cleaning and a bit of flat black paint.

Before the front coilovers were adjusted.

I also picked up the 180SX turn signal lenses and the Canadian daytime running lenses from one of the facebook groups.

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