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College Saved Me $7k in Parts

My 240SX sat in the driveway for a few months before I was able to do any modifications to it and then parked for a year and a half before I decided to register for an automotive class at a nearby junior college. A decision I wish I had made sooner


New Home: Body Repair Updates

Wanting to restore a car and actually having the time, space, and tools to do it are two different things. Fortunately I’ve recently gained access to a full service collision repair garage with the necessary tools to prepare the body for a proper paint job.. 

Who Needs Parts?

I know some people don’t have salvaged 240’s in their area. I’ve fortunately come across six of them. Anyone serious about getting any small parts shipped, feel free to email me.


KITT Phase One

KITT will take a while to complete and just like the 240SX, I’ve broken the project down into phases with the functionality and the exterior being first because it requires fewer parts to modify and takes the least amount of time.


Rust Removal

Rust is car cancer and sadly a necessary evil when it comes to older cars, so I knew eventually I would find some if I dug deep enough. Once I started disassembling the front end I uncovered rusted bolts, brackets and the infamous battery tray area.