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KITT Phase One

KITT will take a while to complete and just like the 240SX, I’ve broken the project down into phases with the functionality and the exterior being first because it requires fewer parts to modify and takes the least amount of time.


Rust Removal

Rust is car cancer and sadly a necessary evil when it comes to older cars, so I knew eventually I would find some if I dug deep enough. Once I started disassembling the front end I uncovered rusted bolts, brackets and the infamous battery tray area.


Part Sourcing

The first thing I did after getting the hatchback home was a walk-around. I pretty much had an idea of what I was going to modify, but I had no clue what I was going to find once I started disassembling it. This is where I learned the difference between the “want list” and the “reality list”.

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SEM Exterior Trim Paint

I decided to restore the exterior trim instead of replacing it because it was faded, but not damaged beyond repair. I also wanted to get my hands on a few of SEM’s products and this would be the perfect opportunity to see how well SEM’s Trim Black performs.


The First Mod

Overthinking is something I often do and I found myself staring at the car trying to figure out what to do first, then I realized there’s no blueprint to this.

First Things First

My motives with this blog are simply to document my projects and pass on what I learn to anyone who takes the time to read about them. The store that may or may not be active on this blog is a result of requests I’ve received for certain items I’ve fabricated or designed for my projects.

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